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    GATE Reference Books

    Reference Book for GATE Computer Science and Information Technology

    Engineering Mathematics

    1. Discrete Mathematical Structure– Bernard Kolman, Robert C. Busby

    2. Discrete Mathematical Structure with Applications to Computer Science– Tremblay & Manohar 3. Discrete Mathematics and its Applications – Kenneth H. Rosen

    Theory of Computation

    1. Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation – John E. Hopcroft and Ullman

    2. Algorithms and Theory of Computation Hand Book – Horwitz Sahaney

    3. An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata – Peter Linz

    Graph Theory

    1. Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science – Narsingh Deo

    Computer Hardware

    1. Computer Organization and Architecture – Carl Hamcher & Safat Zaky

    2. Computer Engineering Hardware Design– M. Morris Mano

    3. Computer Architecture and Organization – J. P. Hayes

    Programming and Data Structure

    1. Data structure using C– M. Tenenbaum

    Operating Systems with Unix

    1. Operating System Concepts- Galvin and Silberschatz

    2. Operating Systems Internals and Design Principles – William Stallings

    3. Unix-Concepts and Applications – M. J. Back, S. Das

    Computer Networks

    1. Computer Networks– Andrew S. Tanenbaum 2. Data and Computer Communications – William Stallings

    Computer Design

    1. Compilers Principles, Techniques and Tools – Ravi Sethi & Jeffrey Ullman

    Programming Methodologies

    1. Programming Languages Design and Implementation – Terrance W. Pratt

    2. Let us C – Yashvant P. Kanetkar

    Algorithm Analysis

    1. Introduction to Algorithms – Thomas H. Cormen

    2. Introduction to Algorithms – Sartaj Sahni

    Computer Arithmetic

    1. Digital Logic and Computer Design – M. Morris Mano

    Programming in C and C++

    1. The C Programming Language – Dennis M. Ritchie y

    Relational Design and Database

    1. Fundamentals of Database Systems – Ramez Elmasri, Navathe

    2. Database System Concepts– Henry Korth

    3. An Introduction to Database System – Bipin C. Desai

    System Software & Compilers (including Microprocessor)

    1. Microprocessor Architecture, Programming and Applications with the 8085 – Ramesh S. Gaonkar

    2. Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools – Aho, Lam, Sethi and Ullman

    Software Engineering

    1. Software Engineering A Practitioner’s Approach – Roger S. Pressman

    Computer Graphics

    1. Introduction to Computer Graphics – Hearn and Baker, Rogers

    Artificial Intelligence

    1. Artificial Intelligence – Elaine Rich and Kevin Knight

    Current Trends and Technologies

    1. Introduction to Parallel Computing – M. J. Quinn