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    IIT JAM Biotechnology Test Series

    IIT JAM Biotechnology Online Test Series

    • Career Endeavour offers IIT JAM Biotechnology Test Series. IIT JAM Test Series is developed by Career Endeavour Research and Development wing and cover the complete JAM Biotechnology Syllabus along with an in-depth Analysis of IIT JAM PYQs as per the actual IIT JAM Exam Pattern.
    • JAM Biotechnology Test Series is divided into three parts; such as Topic-wise Tests, Minor Tests, and JAM Mock Tests with detailed explanations.
    • IIT JAM Biotechnology Online Test Series comprises 50 Tests in total which thoroughly cover the complete syllabus. The Tests are divided into 32 Topic-wise Tests, 08 Minor Tests, and 10 Mock Tests along with detailed Solutions.
    • You can attempt our IIT JAM Test Series anytime according to your own convenience. Students are required to attempt tests Unit wise; Minor and then Mock Tests for their best performance.

    IIT JAM Online Test Series

    Subject Fee Registration
    Biotechnology Rs. 1,500/- Enroll Now
    Chemistry Rs. 1,500/- Enroll Now
    Physics Rs. 1,500/- Enroll Now
    Mathematics Rs. 1,500/- Enroll Now
    • Attempting Online Tests will not only boost your confidence level but also help you inculcate your analytical capacity. You should attempt maximum Online Tests to learn about your weaknesses. Accordingly, you can rectify to rule each one of them.
    • Compete with thousands of students with a real-time exam interface.
    • Career Endeavour also conducts separate Classroom Test Series for IIT-JAM and M.Sc Entrance on a fixed schedule at our specified center in Delhi followed by discussion.
    • Registration Link: https://careerendeavouronlinetest.com/ 

    IIT JAM Test Series

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